Wednesday, October 21, 2009


its always nice to feel productive.
today i feel just that way.
done some laundry.
straightened the house.
unloaded the dishwasher.
went to post office & bank.
studied a tiny bit.
read a lotta.
journaled a lil.
watched the news.
ate a delicious lunch.
and now about to go to work... i mean i feel like ive already lived a day...
but no. 13 more hours at a hospital.
wooo. haha...

hopefully ill be able to study some.
i NEED to. :( im not feeling good about this whole GRE thing.

anyway. ive been inspired by a blog... that i found through a friend...
i reallllly have enjoyed reading this blog. learning. being challenged. being encouraged. and i have gotten lots of neat ideas from it. you should check it out. cool photography. cool writing. and its about jesus... which always makes things better. :) haha...

well here are 2 photos for today.
i love this first one. VERY retro. VERY cool. surronded by the most important women in my life. and we do look quite fabulous dont we.

al. amy. paula. sara.
4 great gals.
im one lucky woman.

love & peace

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PSIrwin said...

isn't that website such an inspiration? it is one of the few that I pretty much check on a daily basis.
and pleeeeeese tell me that the UPS man came to your house today!!