Thursday, October 22, 2009


yesterday we got ::most likely:: our last wedding gift.
sad. but it was still ubber exciting to get!
paula dearest sent a fun package over and i opened at 3:30 am when i got home from work!
yay!! :)

work last night was soooo busy. we rocked the er with 2 or 3 nurses down... so talk about crazy. man oh man. it was fun though- but man i was exhausted.

heading back out to work now for another adventurous night.
looking forward to the weekend though.
LOTS & LOTS of studying is in store.
2 weeks until the GRE. EKKKK!

adios for now.
love & peace & happy thursday!

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Emily Geyer said...

don't give up on those verrrry last minute people! we got our last wedding gift 1 day before our 1 year anniversary (and it was our second that week!)!