Monday, October 26, 2009

mulititude monday

holy experience

so over at "" ann does something she likes to call multitude monday.
first- although i speak as though i know said ann- i do not. but ya know... when you read someone's blog... you feel as though you do.
that being said. i have started a gratitude journal. a journal full of things i am thankful for.
its a mix of a "one-line" diary. and a "thanksgiving list". and a "this is what i did today... and im happy about this". and a "dear diary" and a "i read this really cool verse". " i heard this neat thing"
ok anyway... my journal.
its up and going.
and since i have done it faithfully for a week-

i decided to bring it to the blog world for a little thing called
"Mulitude Monday"

here is a little sampler from the running list.
i hope you are daily filled with things you are grateful for.
blessings are all around us.
smile. be happy. be blessed.
love & peace

#14- laying next to my sweet hubby, cuddled up in bed, reading a good book
#32- lunch made by my kind husband

#24: sunshine

#45: duke basketball. for free.

#41: an amazing sermon on Sunday
#42: amazing music on Sunday (the horn ensemble... my favorite)
#43: simply duke chapel. being able to worship there each Sunday is such a blessing

#47- the colors of fall


Sarah Dawn said...

Snuggles and cuddles with hubby, the best!

Delighted to meet you today and join you in the multitude of thankfulness.

Joyfully His,
Sarah Dawn

Sara said...

:) you are so wonderful. and i miss you!