Monday, October 26, 2009


we (ry & i) look at this alllllll the time.

our wedding pics!

we want 15 comments. haha
we are veryyyy competive.
so its like a race. we are just waiting. we want the magic number.
and then more.
the most comments ever! haha...
maybe my photographer will look at the SIXTY ONE comments on facebook and consider a couple of those in the magic 15 number! haha....

but really. if you are reading this and haven't posted a comment... go on now... click the link and comment. and for those who have... YOU ROCK. :)

...this past weekend was homecoming at the good old alma mater... i so wish i could have been there. if only i didn't live 8 hours away... perhaps next year i can make the trek down.
anyway... here are some snippets from last years homecoming!
me & the bff did what bff's do... hang out. have fun. take pics. explore. and be happy.
man i miss this gal.

love & peace

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