Tuesday, October 27, 2009

i want....

.... bangs like this.
maybe not so much the ridiculous face....
but these bangs.
and no. not a 'mixed' drink.
its an amazzinggg guatemalan juice drink.
and while we are at it.
i want one of those.
and some good guatemalan food.

ok. but what i really want...
is to go to school.
I want it.
what i want may not always be the best option in life... or the best for my life at this time...
but i sure hope this works out.
school. that is.
in fact the school i went to visit tonight...
yeah id realllly like to go there.
its only one of the top 10 best nurse practioner schools in the country.
i suppose crossing my fingers- and oodles of prayers will help.
prayer for God's will.
and prayer for a grateful heart either way.
and prayer for peace.
these smiling faces always make me smile.
the joy of the Lord is beaming out of these children.
i want to help kids like these.
families that have no health care.
people who dont know what "good health" is.
i want to teach. smile. hug. love. them.
i love these pictures.

i love kids.
i love their smiles.
i love health care.
i love traveling.
i love Jesus.
can't these all combine- and become my career!?!?

i hope. one day.
for now... the ER will do just fine. :)

love & peace
a thoughtful pondering bort

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