Monday, May 17, 2010

exhausted to the extreme....

at 7.30 am today i entered my grandma's car.
we ... make that i drove her... up the entire florida turnpike to her home in albany.
it was pretty fun.
lots and lots and lots of talking.
story telling.
chatting away the 8 hour drive.
it FLEW by... which was good.

anyway. im at home now with the parentals & the bros...
36 hours of home time.
im excited.
but right now im tired. exhausted really.
and ready to sleeeeep.

missing the best friend a lot... already.
leaving is the hardest part.
especially not knowing when our next time together will be!
anyway. off to bed.

i can't wait to see my sweet hubby in a just a few days!
i do miss him terribly.
ready to seeeee him!

well goodnight for now!
love & peace

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