Wednesday, May 19, 2010

this man

is my hero.

as you may know- i left my hubby for a 5 day trip.
today i came home to my sweet hubby- who did so much for me while i was gone.

to start with- he brought me a treat to the airport.
brownie/cheescake delicious-ness.
lil brownie (like muffin size) with a cheesecake on top & in the middle.
and yes. he baked them from scratch.

then i come home to my laundry ALL DONE.
and folded.

new sheets on the well made- perfectly made bed.

a perfectly clean house.
with new yummy smelling candles and all.

and now he is cooking me a wonderful dinner!
sun dried tomatoes in a white pasta sauce with sausage

he is wonderful.
so wonderful.
i am married to the most amazing man in the world.
God has blessed me with an incredible man.
i am so so so grateful for him.

love & peace

1 comment:

Laura F. said...

Are you sure you are married to Ryan Snider? haha Just kidding!

Seriously I need to get him together with TJ and let him teach him a thing or two! hehe