Wednesday, May 5, 2010

cinco de mayo

its my favorite day of the year!

.... ok not really.
but i do LOVE mexican food!

after lots of convincing.... me & the hubs enjoyed a very mexican lunch!
super delicious.

i then came home and took a siesta!

yeaaaaaa. it was awesome awesome.

i finally got up and going---
i have done all my classwork for the week!
now doing crummy homework.
the chi-square test... not something thats fun.
and the hw problems are just obnoxious.
these problems take of PAGES of paper... EACH. its ridiculous.
the WORST part is... during the class the teacher is says... "you dont reallllly need to know how to do this- because every computer program you use in real life does this for you. i just want you to know how. just so you can understand the problem."
ok. i get your point.
but seriously... im wasting loads of paper.
and time.
when i could just be plugging numbers into a stats software program.
oh well. the good news is ONLY ONE MORE WEEK OF CLASS!!
craazy. that flewww by.
then i have a test- a major project that we have 3 weeks to complete. then the final. then im DONE WITH STATS!!
for approximately a few months. ill be taking it AGAIN next spring at duke.

oh well.
in other news....

only 3 more episodes of lost.
2 shows.

last night i cried.... during the show... i dont think you can understand unless you've seen it.
but lost... is like a part of me. i started watching it wayyyy back when it started on ABC... and watched it all through college. some of the best nights of college were lost nights!

and now. its all ending.
the finale is called "the end"
that alone is so sad.

anyway... its over. just a few more episodes.
and i can't believe it.

oh well... bout to grab some cereal for dinner.
then ichat party with the bffffff.

dude... one week until im at sara's!
oh my. talk about 2 excited gals!! woooo!! :)

adios for now!
feliz cinco de mayO!

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