Friday, July 4, 2008

america... america...

the classic american family on the 4th.

i do find fireworks ironic for many many things.
1. america spends 207million dollars a year importing fireworks from china alone. ::more from other countries:: that money alone could be spent on 100's of other things!
2. americans just sit and stare at fireworks. just stare. in awe... when really there are so many other beautiful NATURAL things.
3. and last. fireworks sound like guns and bombs. here we sit in a peaceful country... but listen to things that sound like bombs and guns going off. just listen to fireworks... close your eyes and listen. it sounds terrible. kinda cool... big booms... but after a while... bombs.
dont get me wrong. i love fireworks. especially the ones at disney world! :)
but really. its quite ironic.

just a few thoughts from my 4th spent at surf city.
here are a few pictures from the festivities.

one of the 17 pictures we tried to take... every single one ruined by uncle darren

ice and i

the little one.

the cousin couple enjoying the show.

whats better than a LARGE 1$ sweet tea... and no shoes.

it was a perfectly wonderful night.
a 2 mile walk to the show...
1$ sweet tea
lots of laughs and fun.
and a 20min firework show.

oh the 4th of July.

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