Thursday, July 3, 2008

july 3... a day i will not soon forget

5:30 came quite early this morning... luckily on the ride to wilmington i had a beautiful sunrise to look at. the big day has finally come... and is almost over. i have realized the waiting part is much more stressful than the studying. luckily i am at the beach on vacation with the love of my life... SO after the big test i had a lot of support and fun. we have this adventure we go on everyday... a quest if you will... to find sea glass and shark's teeth. today we hit jackpot. ill post some pics of our awesome finds later... but it was soooo relaxing just walking the beach. museum man did bring to ice and mine's attention a great philosophical question. why... are we out here searching for what was once trash. we are driven to find what was once aimlessly thrown into the vast ocean. id love to know the story of these pieces of glass. where they came from. how old they are. very interesting if you ask me. fun to ponder.

anyway. a good old classic american dinner awaits me... with some fireworks tonight. should be a very typical american weekend for me. which is probably exactly what i need.

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