Thursday, July 31, 2008


well today i went to spinning. its a class at the gym... thats basically cycling or bike riding on crack. it was super fun- but a KILLER workout. i did have some knee pain, so i didn't go to hard, but gosh it was like constant burn in the muscles. their were only 5 of us in there, so that was nice. and it was all women, again nice. but me and chels were the only beginners. the other 3 were beasts. haha... i think they like bike ride for real, and just come their to train... or something. i dunno. it was fun though. im hoping to get into a habit of going to the gym as much as possible, and to get as unsore as possible, so that when work starts my soreness will not be as bad, but ill be in the routine of going that on my days off ill go. thast the plan. im paying monthly... so i better make it worth it!

i wish i had a picture for today... but i dont really. maybe ill find a good one for tomorrow.
it was a good day. im enjoying it here more and more. skype has been a life-saver! i got to talk to SAY-RA today!!! that was sooo exciting. i tried to give her a hug- didnt work out so well- but it was great to see her! annnnnd papa dur. haha. what a funny guy.

ok thats it for now. im about to go select a new book. i finished harry potter book 4 last night... at 12:30. gosh it was so good i couldn't put it down. i read for a good hr last night. and since i dont own book 5 i am waiting for ry to bring it to me in a couple of weeks... so until then i figured ill find a book on my shelf of 3,000 books!! haha... so anyway off to read.

love and peace-


Sara said...
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Sara said...

I'm really glad your astrological sign and zodiac year are a part of your complete profile. I wanted to know that info SOOO bad. HAHA....they're

love you!