Sunday, August 3, 2008

20 youth + oil + chocolate pudding+ egg= messy game night

plus a lot of gunk.

me and chels. (1 of the roomies)
plus tons and tons of gunk.

tonight at chelsea's church the youth had messy game night.
chelsea being the superb senior high sunday school teacher that she is- decided she should go to meet some kids and get them pumped about sunday school.

well i went to. not wanting to get dirty at all. i was just the nurse who was watching making sure all went well. sadly my plan didn't work. i got filthy- but i did have a blast and meet some great people. it was lot of fun, at a great church, with fun people so what more could i ask for.

tomorrow is day one of the real world though-
so i need to go to bed to rest up before the big day!

peace and love

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