Wednesday, July 30, 2008

web cam = my new best friend

so last night was my first sad night... i just missed people. friends. mom and dad. seeing familiar faces. it was a lonely day- this week has been a lonely week- simply because the roommates work all day so its just me and puggy- who has turned into quite the annoying one. he just barks at EVERYTHING he sees or hears. its painful sometimes! haha. anyway last night i went to bed a lil sad- but thats ok and thats expected. but today. by golly that sadness has turned into HAPPY HAPPY HAPPINESS! like i said previously we didn't have wireless internet. well that lasted maybe 12 hours. first thing today i researched online and went to good old circuit city and bought an internet router. (with thanks to dad for the help in the store. i didn't know what brand or how big 400feet was) haha. yeah i know. anyway i get home and set up the router. check my comp- it works great. and then i remember the glorious gift/hand-me-down sara (one bff) gave me earlier in the year. a web cam. so by golly i hooked it up. paula (one of the bff's) had just told me the day before she and chad (her man) had a skype account. so i downloaded it and started hunting for friends. i found paula, chad, and sara. it was a glorious feeling. they were so close. well seconds later i realize chad is online. i think no... this can't be so good. by george it was that good. i sent a little hello... and then his little picture/video popped up. what a happy feeling that was to SEE someone i knew well. we chatted quite a bit. he left but to my surprise non-other than paula herself got on. SOOOO for basically a gooood long hour i web chatted with paula and jessica (a good old friend). i mean to understand the happiness i felt is hard to describe. i am so silly! i know. it has not even been a week- but i truly do miss people so much... mainly bc i dont know when ill see them again. so all day off and on i have been web chatting and its been amazing. so good to talk to and see people and laugh with people and goof off with friends. i was even able to give paula a tour of my new place!!! gosh the Lord truly blessed me today with laughter and love. it was such a HUGE blessing at the most PERFECT time. God always does know what you need when you need it. so needless to say the 40$ router was a 40$ well spent.

yay for web cam. mom ill be getting you one soon. you can join in on the madness. i promise you will love it!

let me just add- my roomies are amazing! they hang out with me as much as possible! tonight i went to get icecream with chels and just enjoyed her company and last night we all went to the gym (which was good and fun) so my roomates are a HUGE blessing.

one more thing... since this blog isn't long enough... I HAVE PICTURES! :) so enjoy!!
much love and peace!

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Sara said...

1.I love your headboard. It's beautiful. I might plan to steal it. Haha.
2.we have matching computer backgrounds
3.I love your bookcase. Did you put it together by yourself?cause I didn't put mine together by myself. Haha
4. I love your house!
5. I can't wait to visit!!!