Tuesday, July 15, 2008

oh the lake...

so i spent the weekend at the bff's lake cabin... it was amazing.
and this is why...

i got to spend tons of time with her hanging out and discussing life.
i got to see my family!
i got to go to a wedding of a dear friend... which was beautiful.
i was able to play in the water- go tubing and jet ski- and watch the lil bro learn to water ski!
i ate tons of awesome food.
i slept on an incredibly comfortable bed... in a cave. sorta.
i was able to stay up late and talk and learn and love
i got to spend 2 FULL days with the bff!
i got a cake with an cute nurse on it
i got another cake with RN on it
and this was my view every single day i was there...

i am now back to camp for one final ho-rah before i pack up and retire from camp nursing.

1 comment:

Sara said...

:) you are such a blessing! I enjoyed spending that time with you!

and it is a cave. and it is a comfy bed :)