Monday, July 28, 2008

a familiar face...

i am sorry to say... i still have no pictures of my new room, but they will be up soon enough.
i have gotten a lot accomplished today. a trip to the bank (that ended poorly). loads and loads of boxes emptied. pictures have gone up on the wall. boxes have been packed (im sending those to the snider boys house). and i had dinner with two familiar faces. two people from my roomate (lets call her chels) hometown... which also is mr snider's hometown... were here in durham so we had dinner with them. its always good to see people you know in a city of unfamiliar faces. it was nice to sit and eat and laugh. tomorrow is my first grown up meeting at the job. im sure it will be fine. i am just hoping it does not take all day! haha... i have things to unpack!! and i will also admit- i am going to the gym with chels tomorrow. it will be quite humurous... but the time has come. i kept saying as soon as i graduate i will join a gym. luckily i have found one, i get a discount bc of my employer, its close to my house... and it has TONS and TONS of classes at every time imaginable. these are all important things. so tomorrow is work-out day 1. ill let you know how it goes.

peace and love.

(lots of love especially to you mom :) )

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