Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the wedding of the year

i have realized my profile has been kinda dark lately... well with batman and all... so im brightening it up with the most recent wedding i attended, and participated in... my grandma's.
it was absolutely beautiful.
packed full of people.
the food was delicious.
the weather was perfect... well except it was 91*....
and the setting was wonderful.

here are a few of my favorite shots...
::the GORGEOUS signs that led the way to the country house::

::the beautiful fans that helped beat the heat::

::my amazingly wonderful, steadfast, and encouraging date::

::the whole family- with our new addition... mr T::

let me set the stage if you can't tell already.
we were far out in the country.
the ceremony was in a gazebo with the family and friends sitting in white chairs.
the backdrop was a huge field with several barns in it, and of course a beautiful white fence.

truly was breathtaking, and really the sweetest ceremony i have ever seen.

::since the wedding, life has been CRAZY packing for the big move! off to NC i go in a mere 2 days::

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