Saturday, January 30, 2010

snow pictures

we ventured out into the snow today...
the following took place

ryan found a boulder of snow & ice
it was heavy
he wanted to throw it at me
i told him i would die if he did
so he threw it into the road

this is us!
in front of our snowy house!

the culde-sac
(yes. thats supposed to be a road)

our back deck!

our road...
not so drive-able
in any way

almost seven inches! with an inch of ice underneath

now... we are inside bundled up by the fire

we made awesome homemade chili today
it sat in the crock pot alllll day
and was DELICIOUS!

next up we are making cookies.... mmmmm

anyway. its a nice cozy weekend inside for us!
since we can't go anywhere we are enjoying each other!
our house!
and doing a lil work (cleaning, cooking, sewing, reading)

from the snowed in kids

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