Tuesday, February 2, 2010


i posted a blog yesterday... only problem it didnt' post.
it got lost... in the blog world. DARN the luck.
it was my thankful list too for the week.
and i made it colorful and spent too much time on it...
thus i am not doing it again.

oh well.
still tons of snow on the ground.
roads are better- but in the neighborhoods a disaster.
supposed to be freezing rain all day today.
more snow next weekend.
i have TWO days off... woooo.
where i plan to sew some more (that is if my sewing machine will fix itself)
read some
and clean.

most exciting thing coming up...
the best show EVER.... is starting its final season... tonight... and im PUMPED! :)

anyway. thats my lovely life. haha...
love & peace

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