Thursday, February 4, 2010

still surprised

when i walk by a window- or step outside- or even when i am driving down the street-

i get caught off guard by the snow.
it still surprises me- and puts a smile on my face.

granted, the high yesterday was 50!
it was gorgeous...
but still. snow on the ground.
its going away, but in the spots where snow is piled up high
(like in parking lots where they plowed)
its still there.
sooooo crazy.

but i will say i LOVE it.
possibly more snow this weekend... and actually in the coming week.
i dont think it will be ANYTHING like this past weekend.

so over the past few days ive enjoyed my time off...
i have baked.
done lots of laundry.
started a new book that im in LOVE with (eat-pray-love)
AND best of all... started my quilt!
if you attended my wedding you may recall the fabric i asked my guests to sign...

well i have FINALLY started the quilt and FINISHED THE TOP!!
granted my quilt is a bit different than the "traditional" quilt... but nonetheless its a quilt and its AWESOME. even ryan said "better than i expected" hahaa... oh geez.
anywayyyy this is a terrible quality picture (from the phone) but you can see the top all sewn together. that middle large khaki square piece is getting a lil special addition.
ill show you the finished product using a MUCH better camera soon!

in other news...
mere & colin picked a date
which is super exciting.
august is a good month to have a wedding in my opinion!
and its on the outer banks so it will be beautiful!

thats enough for now i suppose...

love & peace

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HF said...

i'm so happy you're making a quilt!! you will love and treasure it, i'm sure. i made one last summer so i appreciate the time and patience it requires.
just PLEASE try not to sew through your finger this time!!!