Saturday, February 6, 2010

friday night

due to an overly SLOW friday night at work...
i was blessed to leave 4 hours early!

so i came home...
hopped in a hot bath, grabbed a glass of wine, and read my favorite book.
it was AMAZING.
and really.... this book ( is my new favorite book.
at least top 5.
im CRAZY about it, and can't put it down.

my saturday consists of...
but oh well.
im hoping for a lil "sunday surprise" action with ryan tomorrow.
im going to try and create a fun lil day with him.
we shall see what i come up with.

i woke up this morning
(at 1145... woahh)
anyway. i woke up and its snowing. :)
this time just a light, fat snowflakes, fall.
and its not sticking.... which is good.
we still have plenty little spots here and there.

well i hope you have a fantastic weekend!


1 comment:

PSIrwin said...

p.s. i love that book too. it was fabulous. did you know that she just came out with another book? sorta like a sequel...the rest of the story.