Thursday, February 11, 2010


i dont really know why i have not blogged in almost a week.
there is not good reason.
the hubs said yesterday, 'babe. you are a lil behind on the blogging'.
this is true.
and actually a lot has occurred this past week.
lets see how much i can remember.
well last weekend i spent more time sewing my quilt. on tuesday i was FINALLY FINISHING IT!! sewing the batting in- which is the stuffing basically. after i spent 2 hours sewing it all together. i go to 'flip it the right way' and realize the batting/stuffing isn't stuffed in the middle. its actually ON THE OUTSIDE.
terror. anger. sadness. all overwhelmed me.
i threw the quilt down... and was mad.
wednesday i picked it up and started picking it apart. i have to pull it ALL back a part. i have succeeded in pulling 3/4 of it a part. so just a lil more, THEN i can SEW IT ALL BACK TOGETHER.
darn thing.
oh well. the plan is to finish it THIS WEEKEND!
and fingers crossed, ill do just that.
in other amazing news- lost is back on.
and my tuesdays are devoted to that.
gosh i LOVE that show.
hmmm. oh i have officially FILED OUR TAXES!
twice i might add.
the first time i didnt' have our 2008 PIN number. i was like what the heck. i didn't realize it was a NECESSITY, until i got an e-mail from the IRS stating that i need to refile with the appropriate PIN number.
i thought it was asking me to MAKE one... not remember one from a year ago. luckily its super easy to find out your PIN on the IRS website... i got that task done, and am hoping i did it right. im so worried! what if the IRS comes after us? we are just 2 poor kids- and we have a great return coming- im just hoping its not "too great" that its wrong!
and we are planning on spending it for our education... sorta. 2 new computers please! to help us BOTH in our educational journey's....
probably the biggest and BEST news of all is that
DUKE beat unc (yeah. they dont even get to be capitalized)
i had one of the BEST NIGHTS EVER last night- hanging out at this HUGE restaurant that was basically built for the duke/unc game.
ry & i met up with 8 other awesome div students to watch the game in this packed out place. it was SOOO fun. we were doing all the duke cheers; yelling so loud; clapping; gosh. sooo fun!
oh. tonight at work is a big night for me.
first night in triage.
and for those who dont know- its a daunting task- being the first person people see when they come into the ER. figuring out who is the sickest. dealing with people yelling at you because someone who (could literally be dying) is going back before they are (and they are here for a sore throat). its unbelievable up here. luckily i have a lot of support from my coworkers, so they are helping me out lots.
and lastly i suppose- i finished my book.
favorite book. im itching to read the next one.
and actually a few other of her books. i love the author- and am interested to see if her other stuff is a similar style to this one.
i did just order a lenten book for the lenten season- so coming wednesday ill start that. im quite excited about it. ill keep you posted with any good 'reads' i come across. its a book compiled for numerous entries. all from different famous writers & theologians & awesome people (like mother theresa) throughout time.
august is coming up (sorta) and im planning our anniversary trip. im SUPER excited. (thats the other place our tax refund is going) i have looked at 100 different things, and knowing that we have to be back in durham 6 days after our anniversary for another snider wedding, we will prob be going before the anniversary. i am going to make a few phone calls in the coming weeks- so i dont want to throw out our most current plan, but im realllly excited about it. worst comes to worst- i mean we will be at the OUTER BANKS the weekend after our anniversary. im pretty sure we could go a week early and celebrate all week on the beach.
and finally- i suppose i should update you on the school status.
the update is: there is no update.
haven't heard anything.
good or bad.
ill be making a few phone calls soon to try and find something out.
oh and one more thing.
if you think about it- throw some prayers up for ryan.
school basically sucks.
his work sucks. papers suck. classes suck. he just needs some good old happiness/joy in his life. more than what i can give him. so be praying for him. and us. :)
OH GEEZ i almost forgot something thats great for both of us!
i am changing shifts!
so ill see my hubby now!!
no more 3am nights. thankfully!!!
its going to be sooooo nice.
ok well thats a TON of rambling.
i think i wrote a book.
but thats my life lately.
and for all of THAT i am grateful.
love & peace

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Julia said...

hey tell ryan to hang in there!! only 35 more class days left!! and second yeat is the worst by far, so he'll be all right after he hits the end of this year.