Friday, February 12, 2010


looking back over that last blog of mine, i may have gotten a bit winded.
sorry it was so dreadfully long!

this is just to say-
its snowing outside.
im super excited for my friends back in GEORGIA who have gotten a sweet taste of snow- even SAVANNAH!! thats just craziness!! we have around 2 or 3 inches. and its still peacefully falling.
coming home so early in the morning (or late at night) let me see the snow- so perfect and pretty. before people/kids trampse around in it. still beautifully blanketing the earth beneath.
the one MAJOR benefit to living in north carolina-
when it snows we are slightly (OK drastically ) more equipped.
all of our major roads have been treated, to decrease the icing (which i will say not a bit of ice- and there are 2 perfect lanes open for travel) once you get off the big roads you can see the huge difference.
and we have snow plows. that alone makes a world of a difference.
the plows were out doing there thing on my way home from work... and it made me very grateful to be HERE enjoying the snow... and not in ga. where a snow plow does not even exist in a dictionary. i also have ice scrappers in all of our cars and NOT KIDDING a coworker has a 'snow brush' that we used to brush off all the snow on our cars before we drove home.

ok. well i need to settle down so i can hop in bed.
my day tomorrow consists of a lazy saturday.
:) mmmmm

love & peace

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