Sunday, January 17, 2010

what a weekend.

how do i even begin this one...
well. i guess ill just jump right in.
ryan's car is broke as a joke
we took it to a shop- knowing something was wrong-
and well too much is wrong.
his car (the one he has had since the age of 15)
is going to have to be retired.
its quite a shocker to the system....
not just sad about loosing a car that one loves-
but HOLY COW... now what?!?!
we have to buy a car.
me. and ryan. and our minimal savings.
we are against debt... well for a car anyway... house or school is different... anyway.
luckily we have some in savings, but its quite minimal.
especially when trying to find a car that is going to be
RELIABLE. and last a few more years.
anyway. its been a roller coaster weekend. spent hours (and really HOURS)
searching online & at lots around town
trying to find something.
we have a few possibles- so hopefully tomorrow something grand will come our way.
we are going to test drive a few things in the morning... which is exciting. and hopeful!

in other news.
i have a cold.
blahhhhh. so nasally. congested. and i can't stop sneezing! its out of control.
my poor little nose is red and raw from blowing out all my boogies!

oh well.... for some reason i picked this picture to post today.
i like it a lot.
its me. standing on the beach in guatemala.
my feet in the PACIFIC ocean.
looking out into the ocean...
thinking about the future.

who knows what the future holds.
forget next year- who knows what we will be doing next month.
life is one crazy curve ball after another.
it sure is fun, but it definitely has its moments of
oh my.

off to watch some duke basketball.
and not do much of anything....

love & peace

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Katie B said...

Love the pic at the top of your blog. So fun!