Tuesday, January 19, 2010

good news.

my husband and i are now the proud owners of a red honda accord!

ryan found this car over the weekend-
and after three trips to the car lot
(one to look, one to test drive, one to pay)

we have it sitting in the driveway!
95 honda accord.
and its in excellent condition!
we are STOKED.

ry's old car is sitting in the driveway.
we are still contemplating what we will do with it.

so after the long weekend, the hours of car searching, the rain, and the COLD i got from being out in the bad weather- we have come out ahead. with a car. that SHOULD last us a long longgg time. God always provides...

love & peace

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Julia said...

sell the old car on Craig's list, A friend of mine did that in durham, just request a money order so you don't get ripped off! they got way more than they would otherwise, and if you just say in the ad what's wrong with it, you might get a good offer, then they have to come take it off your hands. i think Danny's car was sold within 24 hours!