Friday, January 15, 2010

P cubed.

as in:


first let me mention i was happy to see people do read my blog.
and YESSSS i read yours.
and julia: im pretty sure you may have seen my hubby more than i have this week!
(darn work hours)

back to my title.
yesterday in my 12 hours of work i got puked on, peed on and proposed to.
it was a LONGGG 12 hours to begin with.
had a LOT of work going on.
was running all over the place.
then pow. the puke came.
i got new scrubs and continued on the ridiculous day.
after several more hours the proposal came.
by an individual who was high as a kite.
it was ridiculous.
and annoying.
and made the day slowly tick by...
anyway. after 12 hours... i came home and hopped in the bed.
well after leaving all my clothes in the laundry-
and enjoying a nice warmmm shower.

im glad to have a day off today to relax and enjoy doing NOTHING.
well probably should clean a lil.
and pay some bills.

adios for now.

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