Thursday, January 14, 2010


is my favorite.
really. i looovvee some good salsa.

today has been a morning of catching up- sorta.
groceries. errands. etc...

my poor hubby has a nasty little cold- and is just miserable.

i have a lot of things to do before work.

thank goodness i got off early last night!
only worked an 8 hour day which was super awesome... it makes going to work today much better.
especially since i am off work tomorrow.

i am starting to wonder if people read my blog anymore... well except for sara.

we have to take ry's car to the shop tomorrow! ekK!

i love mountain dew as well.
soothes my taste buds.... and prevents headaches.

its soooo pretty outside. bright blue sky. sunny. mmm... my kind of day.

i need to hang some artwork up around the house.


well i think those are enough random thoughts for now...
love & peace


jlindsey said...

I you?

Julia said...

I read yours, do you read mine?? i also saw your hubby twice in the last two days, but we need to all get together sometime!

Amber said...

I read your blog and I like it!

Kristin said...

I read! And I actually just watched Julie & Julia with my sister (this makes like the 4th or 5th time I've watched this movie)....but I feel like her, don't you? When she anyone out there? Anyone? :) Oh, the joys! But I really do love your blog!