Monday, January 11, 2010

multitude monday

its monday.
and im actually blogging my multitudes...
just in case you are wondering, i keep a small journal of things "i am grateful for"
i could never write down all of my blessings, but this small list helps me keeping positive in life. and it helps remember great moments in life!

here is a small taste of last week

260- sara's birthday
261- SARA!
264- sleeping on my two flights (since 3 hours of sleep just doesn't cut it)

(pic from a previous fl. trip)

268. seeing the BRIGHT BLUE ocean
270. laughing ...a LOT
275. staying up until 3 am talking... like little girls
276. dreaming about life
277. making big plans

*another previous trip*

281. thinking about life
283. delicious seafood lunch at a marina
284. the joy kids bring to life (and the laughs & smiles)
285. a LONG nap
286. cheesecake


as you can tell i like my best friend a lot.
we are just two peas in a pod.
its such a blessing to be here with her family in there welcoming home
having fun- sharing life-

i fly home tomorrow... to my poor hubby who is at home. solo.
he is ready to see me... im sure of it.
and im excited to see him!

anyway. life is good.
we are all blessed.
peace & love

1 comment:

Sara said...

I just cried. for the record.
my turn to come visit you.

well put. all of it.