Tuesday, January 5, 2010

hello again

five days since my last post....
my apologies.

work has kept me busy... and when i am not working- im sleeping.
i sleep a lot. well it feels that way, but since i go to bed at four- i wake up between 12 & 1... i suppose its not THAT much sleep. anyway, im back in the swing of working 3-3.

ry & i have completed a puz3d puzzle in the past few days.
spending a good EIGHT hours on the thing!
but we finished. we built notre dame out of puzzle pieces and its AWESOME!

today i had an enjoyable day off .
spent the day shopping with ryan- spending some gift cards we got. :)
which was loads of fun...
then headed to a movie.
AVATAR (3-d).

which was so awesome. such a remarkable movie... really. the graphics are incredible. a whole new world was created. it was sooo awesome. i loveddd it. and well 3d these days is ridiculous.
so yeah... if you were wondering. avatar is a must see in theatres... with the sweet glasses.

oh yeah... today... we also (finally) took down all of our christmas decor. kinda sad, but just means a new season of life is headed our way. i was amazed at the amount of decorations and ornaments i collected this year. all are now stuffed away in a giant plastic bin in the closet.

hmmmm.... what else to share.
oh right.
probably the most exciting thing about this week (and probably month)
leaving on a jet plane friday morning heading to sunny florida!
and although its not "hot" its also not 9*!!! which yes. it has been here the last few nights.
anyway im PUMPED to see the best friend and celebrate her birthday!! and hang out!! and be together!! we dont get to do that very much at all.... so its going to be awesome!

ok. i think thats enough rambling for now....
hope all is well with YOU!
love & peace

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