Friday, January 1, 2010

rewind on oh9.

2009... in a flash

-played in lots of snow
-went to the biltmore & asheville with sara
- GOT ENGAGED on a trip to the mountains
-went to beach a few times
-built a well in guatemala
- ry finished his first year of div school
- i got a job that i LOVE!
- ry did an internship in the mountains (which was awesome)
-saw elk
-went camping at lake J
- moved into me & ry's first home
-lived alone for 3 months (and reallllly enjoyed it)
-spent a week with sara
-GOT MARRIED to the man of my DREAMS!
-went to the bahamas on a cruise
-ry started his second year of seminary
-went to the outer banks for the first time
- took the gre
- applied to grad school
- was given a new jeep
-borrowed a second jeep while first jeep is having a heart transplant
- celebrated christmas 3 times
- went to the obx a second time
-celebrated a new year with my wonderful husband

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