Thursday, August 27, 2009

testy, tricky, terrible thursday

please allow me to give you a brief run down of my day.

- 9:00 wake up peacefully, feeling good. no probs here.
- 10:30 leave house and head to social security office
- 10:45 check in at s.s. office
- 1145 meet with the s.s. office person

yes. an hour of waiting... not too bad, but i pull out my ipod- and realize my ipod is dead. so i can't read the book i have just recently downloaded... for moments like this... ughhh.
upon speaking to the s.s. lady i tell her i want to change my name and drop rebecca. her response
"OH NO! hunny you can't do that"

excuse me. ::insert watery eyes::

no dear. you have to go to court to change your first name. we can only rearrange the middle name and your last name.

insert long period of silence.... where i sit. shake. and think.... al;dkjflkasjdflkjas.... how the aldjakdl can you cahnge my LAST lkadj name but not my first a;lkdjlafk;dj name. whhhattt in the world. now the angry/sad face can be applied.

lady says- well we can hyphenate your middle name or we can hyphenate your last name. or you can drop something.

a;dlfkjasdkfjas;ldfjsaldkfjsdf.... well i can't hyphenate my last name. and i dont want to drop my maiden name... bc if i do go to court it will probably be easier if its already a part of my name. ok. whatever. just hyphenate my MIDDLE NAME. THE NAME I GO BY.

(now my thoughts: what?!?! what did i just do?? what am i doing?!? what does this mean? is there really a hyphen there? is my name now daniellemacminn snider? like a fluid sound? what does that even sound like? what is going on! ahHHH!!!)

so i leave. with my new name... that i didn't even want. next up on the agenda was to go to the DMV- but no. can't go there for at least 24 hours after changing my name. (which i realize now- if i go to court- ill then have to go back to the ss office and then go back to the dmv... uuughghghhg)

where else do i go next- but target. lovely.

have a successful trip there.
go to post office and buy some fun stamps.

then off to home goods i go- to buy a comforter (a down alternative one) for our bed.
find a couple i like. decide ill get both- show ry- and get his opinion. check out- using my visa gift card- and then was told- AFTER I was already told a return was no problem- oh wait if you do return, we can't give you the money back. we will simply have to give you store credit... if you use that visa gift card. WHAT?? after you swipe my card you tell me this?.... i say 'we need to cancel that whole thing then". it gets canceled. the manager claims its done. i call the visa card- it says my account is zero. the store shows me the receipt that states it canceled the transaction. the card states it has no money on it. the store says we can't do anything else. i say you guys screwed me over. it better be fixed. they say try checking it later today. hopefully it will go back. but we can't do anything. i leave. livid. aldsjflkas;djflkasdjflsd

next i go to big lots to look at vaccumms. simply enough.... they dont have any.

i go by the gym to cancel my account- they tell me- no problem, but since its so close to sept we have to charge you for sept as well. laskdfjlaskdjfsla;kjfsak;djs

i go to harris teeter. buy jacks salsa & strawberry daiquirie drinks & cookie dough. ry gets home in 45 mins from school. we are eating tacos tonight.

im ready for tacos. and ryan.
and nothing else today.

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