Saturday, August 29, 2009

2 weeks

well. here is the best wedding pic of me on my wedding day so far!
a lil fuzzy.... a lotta sweaty... and this was after pictures and before my redo of hair and makeup before the ceremony.
that was me!
2 weeks ago today!

i can't believe its been 2 weeks!
it feels like its been months!
really. the past 3 weeks have def not flown by... which i am greatful for.
it really has taken its time,
and i have enjoyed EVERY MINUTE of the week before.
the honeymoon.
and the first week back at home.

today is my FIRST day back at work!...crazy isn't it!
anyway. im looking forward to getting back into the swing of things,
and seeing how the 3-3 will work out with a hubby at home!

anyway. off to make a big brunch!
waffles. eggs. sausage. mmmmm

love & peace

remember the other day... when i was having an awful day? well i was on the way to get my hair cut and realized... wait a second. this day is going so rotten- i should NOT get my hair cut. that will probably be devasting as well. anyway. i went yesterday... but unlike my friend paula i didnt chop alll my hair off... just a good 4-5 inches. YES. that much. you may not be able to tell. maybe you can. i DEF CAN!! its a huge difference for me. but i love it!! will prob go back next month and chop a lil more off. (: haha... anyway. the salon i went to was awesome. wash. cut. syle. drink... all for 20 bucks. it was crazy. anyway... here is my new do. not crazy. just way shorter, and fun layers.


Mr. and Mrs. Coggin said...

cute hair! I keep cutting mine shorter too. Every time I go I'm like "you can take a little more off"... haha

PSIrwin said...

it is cute!
goot choice on not making a bad day worse but it looks like it would have improved your day!
i like it!