Monday, August 31, 2009

monday: 8.31.09

this past weekend we bought a vacuum.
im in love.
eureka envirovac.
not sure if its because i was using a hand held vac all summer, bc this one realllly works. maybe bc of the handie "pet paw" that is an attachment that sucks up and scraps up dirt and hair like no other. or because its the "envirovac" and makes me feel better about using it. since it uses an AMAZING 33% LESS energy. wooo.
(ha. please. see/hear/feel the sarcasm)
but seriously. im so pumped about it.

today ry and i had our mexican monday lunch. mmmmmm.

i went to the grocery. and probably spent too much money, but am quite pleased with the outcome, and the menu for the week!

work was good the last two days. really good. def enjoyed it.

i just registered for DUKE CAMPOUT! hoping it actually works... and it wasn't like a fluke that i actually got registered... i will be camping out sept 11-13 (48 hours ) of madness including camping outside. on campus. with all the grad students. in hopes to be put into the draft at the end of the weekend for basketball season tickets! :) wooooo.
(its way more complex than just camping out... but ill share details later)

my friend skye moves HERE... to DURHAM... this week!! im soooo excited to have a friend here!!! :) and a good one at that!!

i had a dream about grad school. more like a vision of what im suppose to do. so on the list of things to do this week is buy GRE book. the time has come. no more excuses.

well. thats all the random ramblings for now.

off to read. and watch tv. and do nothing.... with my hubby.



ozob said...

your vacuum uses 33% less energy than what??? all other vacuums??? washing machine??? that statement has always baffled you!!! mom

Danielle said...

haha... thats what i wanna know! hahaa... lets go with 33% less energy than all the energy in the world COMBINED!!! haha