Tuesday, September 1, 2009

online shopping

....def has its pro's & con's. for me... i can't buy scrubs online. def a con. i search far and wide- but can't find sizes that might fit me. my body is so illshaped i never know what size will fit... i have to try on EVERYTHING! seriously. the dresses in my closet range from 4-10. and any of them could fit on any day. its strange. my body is so oddly shaped. ...no it is. dont try to defend it. im not saying im big. im not saying im small. im just saying clothes fit funny. ok. now the PRO to online shopping. shoes. i wear size 9-10... but i know in what brand i wear what size... therefor shoe shopping online is a guilty pleasure. esp endless.com ...FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING!! and get this... i just bought ry a pair of sneakers (49$) a new pair of work shoes for me (51$) total: 101$. well they were having a special- spend 100$ and save 20!! so we got 2 brand new very nice sneakers for 80$$$$!!!! im pumped. best part is they will be here TOMORROW! :) wooo

...in other news....

...went to dmv today. i had everything i needed!! they told me the wait was at the earliest 3 hours. i said ill be back in the morning. surely if i arrive at 7:45am the wait wont be 3 hours?!? or will it?!?!!

...can't camp out for bball tickets. :( im sad. but the good part is... i have FIVE DAYS OFF IN A ROW! with nothing to do. perhaps someone will come visit? or maybe skye will have time to have some fun play time!!??

... fingers crossed mom & b are coming to town this weekend. fingers crossed indeed!

... we have 2 sets of dishes that are from a mystery person! no card attached. strange!!

...im reading a great book right now "the pilot's wife" ill do a book review when i finish (a lil later today)

... ry & i saw inglorious basterd on friday night. ill def do a movie review on that later. LOVED it.

enough for now. back to reading and online shopping.

:) rdms

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Kristin said...

isn't presents without cards the worst? i still feel guilty about people out there that never got thank you cards from us because there was no card!!!! ps--your wedding pictures are gorgeous! and i wasn't kidding--your blog is one of my favorites! :)