Tuesday, September 1, 2009

my world came to a stop...

.... when i got the call from lindentree photography that my wedding pictures are done!!! they are UP online and look amazing. im in love. really. i cant wait to have them all framed and hanging all around my house. im already thinking... oh i want this one here. and that one there. and that one will be great in this place!! my house is about to explode with wedding pictures! my photographer did such a fantastic job capturing the day, capturing us, capturing how we are (not how someone thinks we should be on our wedding day) really. this is me and ryan. this is how we are. and this just happens to be our wedding day. it was a perfect day... and now we have the perfect pictures! (: enjoy them!! and buy some. support the locals! :)

love & peace


Teresa said...

Oh my goodness....I LOVE your wedding pictures. So gorgeous! I literally sat and looked at every last one of them. I'm so happy for you and Ryan! Congrats! :)

PSIrwin said...

just finished looking at the pictures...too cute.
lindsey did a fabulous job!