Tuesday, September 1, 2009


tuesday catch up:

i cooked up a delicious dinner last night!
and it was so easy!
for one of my "recipes" & gifts that i received at my shower back in the spring-
paula's mama gave me an awesome & fast recipe for chicken pot pie.
and she gave me this fabulous dish to cook it in!
so here it is!
super easy, delicious, HOMEMADE chicken pot pie!

after dinner ryan and i went to target and spent all our money.
our wedding money that is.
and actually only made a dent in that... but we knocked out all of our gift cards!!

here is our cart full of things
can you guess any of those items??

answer: bookshelf, microwave, mixer, spatulas, spoons, flatwear, 2 lamp shades & bases, shower head (nice one- mm), ironing board, sheets, universal remote, 2 sprites, & a partridge in a pear tree... haha...

today at walmart i got: a fan, a bathroom hanging shelf thing, tp holder, light for laundry room, and a few other odds & ends

it was tons of fun! especially since it was ALL gifts!! (:

anyway... today i spent FIVE hours. yes FIVE. at the DMV to get my NC license. I would not normally need one- since my HUSBAND is a student... but since i need to change my name- and well... we will be here in north carolina for a while (maybe forever) i figured i might as well. who knew it would take FIVE hours though! goodness. and it was stressful! bc here... you have to take a test. and its hard. and ppl were failing... and if i failed id have to come back the next day.
but i passed.

and now have a paper license (wont get real one for 15days)
that says my full name.

it was an exciting moment.

tonight ry & i went to cook-out to celebrate.
you dont know what that is?
come to durham.
its a mix between krystals greasy-ness, add in some bbq, hushpuppies and hotdogs, but throw in the WORLDS BEST MILKSHAKES!

fun night. anyway. back to my newest book.
battle royale.
its crazy good & intense!

love & peace

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