Monday, August 3, 2009

monday night reflections...

... so. i love hispanic people. LOVE them. and I am in no way racist towards them or anything. i do have one issue though. today. at mcdonalds this VERY sweet, young gal was at the drive through window. she was nice. and smiley. but she spoke NO ENGLISH. now im all about her having a job. GOOD FOR HER! but please. mcdonalds. dont put the poor girl at the window... ESPECIALLY when there is a problem with my order, but she can't tell me what it is. oh it was frustrating. and i felt bad for her. she just kept smiling though. mcdonalds should probably re-think that one.

... i have a small circular 'sunburn" on my left cheek. weird. im sure it will go away. but so strange... just this shaded circle area... (no its not well defined. its not cancer. just a funny sun burn- and no its not even bad. just red)

... started studying for my ACLS certification. and well all it did was make me freaking nervous! i have not studied or even thought about studying or taking a test in a year. ekkK. i have A TON to memorize. in only 3 weeks. (and well you know what the next 3 weeks of MY LIFE look like!)

...speakng of that...
2 more days of work
4 days until sara is here
6 days until ryan is home!
12 days until the wedding
14 days until the cruise
...not that im counting...

i am sooo very excited.
:) off to bed.
love & peace

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