Wednesday, August 5, 2009

finally wednesday night reflections...

... first off. i must say... ITS WEDNESDAY NIGHT! that means IM DONE WITH WORK!!!
soooo exciting.

ok. on to the real reflections.

...conan o brian makes me SO HAPPY. like i sit in my bed and laugh. out loud. LOVE IT! he is so darn funny. clever. witty. just hilarious. i love the things he does. so hysterical. today i had an 18year old female. in a car accident. (not bad. she was fine) anyway. i had a few funny encounters with this chica. such as the moment i walked her to the bathroom and she asked- is the doctor going to take off my shirt? i have a tattoo that my parents dont know about! ...haha.... i was like no dear. you are fine. as i laughed. then she was concerned about being pregnant. she didn't think she was- but when i asked for her pee- she was like oh no. if i am pregnant are you going to tell my parents? again i told her no. you are 18. i can't. oh heavens. she was a mess. but i was so entertained. goodnesssssss.

...i also had a snake bite pt today. quite interesting. mainly just monitoring and morphine. but it was kinda cool.

...have i ever mentioned i realllLLLLyyyy like the people i work with?
like i realllly like them. (most of them. but you can't always be 100%)
anyway. they are sooo wonderful. encouraging. helpful. fun. FUN. FUN!
def makes going to work good. looking forward though to THREE WEEKS OFF! simply due to the break. being with friends. and having a TON OF FUN!!! its going to be awesome!!

...everyday this week, ive come home to giant boxes of presents on my porch!! makes me feel soooo special! and no. im not opening all of them. saving them for ry. who will be HERE! at OUR house on SUNDAY!!!

...sara flies in on friday. ummmm so freaking exciting.
can't wait.

going to go back to conan. drinking my apple juice. and relaxin!!

the "real" work starts tomorrow!!

printing programs, CLEANING, errands

love & peace


Julia said...

so i have a question, when i start my work as a chaplain at Duke University in two weeks will i get to see you in the ER?

Danielle said...
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