Sunday, August 2, 2009

sunday night thoughts parents already left me to go back home. i miss them already. i love having company. i love having THEM here. and well i just LOVE them.

...they are quite awesome. and fun. and they had the TIME of their life at the paul mccartney concert last night. even though they ended up driving:
8 hours to durham
7 hours to dc (due to traffic)
6 hours to durham from DC
8 hours back to columbus
ALL within a weekend!!! they said it was worth it!
esp dad. he was thrilled. it was exciting to see them so excited!

...i want to be on the cruise. ry booked our "excursions" today. i can't wait to (see what they are & to do them!!) getting a little nervous about the wedding. let me rephrase. starting to feel stressed.
nervous about marrying ryan- HECK NO. stressed that things such as the PROGRAMS will be done, the favors will be right, the signs im painting will turn out, and the small details will pan out. thats what im a tiny bit nervous about. erghhh.

... only 3 more days at work & im HOME FREE! off for 3 1/2 weeks. im NOT going to know what to do! i have not had more than a week off since last summer! its going to be rockin!

...going to try and sleep.

love & peace


JM said...

don't worry Danielle, everything will turn out just perfect! so, ease that mind of yours and enjoy your last days of singlehood. So excited for you!!

PSIrwin said...

we will get it all done...that's what all those girls are for! don't stress over that stuff!

ozob said...

don't worry... be happy