Sunday, August 2, 2009

saturday night live

... is it weird that i come home from working 12 hours in an ER to watch an hour of "trauma life in the ER" on discovery... really. i do. everynight im up from 3-4. we had a 2 year old who fell on a piece of metal and cut his leg so deep we could see tendons. his little fat was hanging out everywhere. he screamed a lot. but by the end we were amigos. ...he only spoke spanish. it was challenging.

...have i ever mentioned i love my job?

...ryan and i will be reunited in ONE week! really. im so ready. he is too. this being a part has SUCKED. phone convos SUCK. email. cards. fbook. its kept us alive, but still. there is nothing like being together. and being together 3 times over 3 months just doesn't cut it. :(

...and in two weeks we will be getting married. (: and on a cruise! mmmmm

love & peace until tomorrow

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