Saturday, August 1, 2009

saturday morning thoughts and dad are here. im thrilled. i LOVE having company. especially company that helps me with at home projects! like this. dad installed a ceiling fan for me & ry's room. wooo.

... mom and dad are going to the paul mccartney concert in DC today!
im OBBBERRRR jealous. i SO wish i were going with. but it will be a fun road trip for them! i have to work. and make money. & dad also helped me change the NASTY old air filter. ew!
...and attatched the smoke alarm to the wall... and helped me put the other smoke alarm back together.

...i put out a "salt lick" in the backyard so i can attract more deer. haha.

...5 days of work left! (all in a row) but then OFF FOR 3 WEEKS!

...sara will be here soon. woohoo. she is awesome. the best MOH evvveerrr.

...ill be with all my bridesmaids in a week & a half. which im SUPER excited about.

...shark week starts tomorrow on discovery channel. yesssss.

off to get ready for work.

peace & love


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