Friday, July 31, 2009

morning thoughts (with links!)

our wedding gifts come in the mail from target or REI.

tartet ships things kinda funny.
so yesterday i opened up a box and it was an oven mitt.
a very nice, awesome oven mitt.
the one i realllly wanted (thus the reason it was on my registry)
one of those teflon ones? maybe. plastic-ey. anyway.
one oven mitt. in one giant cardboard box.
now my friend julia (who gave me the awseom gift) warned me that they were shipping in 2 separate boxes, so not to think this was the only gift coming. but seriously. can't we save a LARGE brown box- and put the oven mitt in with whatever else is coming?
on the flip side- its fun getting packages.

speaking of wedding presents.
ive decided what im going to tell people when they ask me, now what do you REALLY want?
a macbook.
seriously. i want one. realllllly badly. and an ipod touch. the ipod touch first. but if you buy a macbook doesn't it come with an ipod?
so there. thats it.
if you want to know what to get me for the wedding.
a macbook pro
will do the trick.

i just emailed probably 25 people to ask if they were coming to the wedding. i mean i never RSVP'd before... but NOW i realize the DIRE NECESSITY! i have a small chapel!
i need to know the #'s!!
hopefully ppl will respond to a facebook message.

i picked up a box of "special K" last night at the grocery store thinking, ok ill buy a "healthier" cereal. well tehn i decided let me see "how healthy" this is compared to my favorite- coco crispies....
truth: coco crispies IS BETTER! less sodium AND less fat!
special K has the exact same amount of calories and everything else.
so i bought the coco crispies and am happy. :)

enough rambling for now. mom & dad are coming.
there is work to be done.
ps... i hope you enjoyed the links. (: they are there to "help" you out. hahaa


PSIrwin said...

I am coming to your wedding.
And bringin someone.
my husband.
oh wait, you probably already knew that.
since i am IN your wedding.
well, i'm coming!
and so is chad!

Julia said...

oh target and their awful shipping policies! I definitely got a box from target that was so big i had to go to the UPS place to pick it up, they wouldn't deliver it!! so this box is as big as the trunk of my car!! so i opened it up at the ups place because i could not fit it in car otherwise/ get it in the door. So i when i got it open, there was another box inside, then the gift wrapping, and then another box, with the gift inside- a cake plate! worst part? it wasn't on our registry and i threw away the packing slip and we couldn't take it back, even though we received 5, count them 5 cake plates! please people- buy off the registry!!

Sara said...

macbook with ipod touch when you buy with education discount, which ry could get.