Thursday, July 30, 2009

thursday's moments

comments about my day...

...i will start with yes. pregnancy tests are available at the dollar store for a DOLLAR. but we can't tell our patients that. instead we have to do an 89$ pregnancy test (and no they aren't magically ANY BETTER than the ones at the dollar store)

...the last two nights it has lightning and today it even sprinkled. for some reason i want a good afternoon thunderstorm to come through... is always entertaining to me... and quite distracting... and i can never leave without spending at least 30 bucks... on who knows what. ekkK.

... i went to a 4 1/2 hour meeting today. and got paid. and got a free soda and bag of chips. not to shabby for a days work...

...i sleep a lot. like last night 12:30- 11:30... ummmm?! do i have a problem?!

...people who act like they KNOW everything. and they dont. annoy me. ok let me clarify. new nurses who have JUST graduated (like a month ago) and act like they know EVERYTHING. annoy the living day lights out of me. goodness. i have worked a year and i am far from saying I know a lot! really. its a pet peeve. i just dont like arrogant people.

...after 5 drafts the PROGRAM is ready for printing... well once i get the name of alvin's song put in there! (: im waiting unti you get back from vacay before i ask you lindsey (:

... my parents are coming TOMORROW!! and i still have a lot that needs to bed done.
-move a bed downstairs

but still. they are coming. to see paul mccartney.
but get to see me on the way to DC.

off to bed.
love & peace

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