Tuesday, August 11, 2009


its wedding week.
and im having a BLAST!!

sara & i drove ten hours down and made it home safely yesterday.
after an hour dinner at the dillard house- and 30mins on the side of the road due to an overheated car. yeahhhh lets not talk about that. we finally got home at 12:30am

anyway. today went and had breakfast on my grandma's farm with grandma & grandpa T.
soooo goooood.
so fun.
so relaxing.
and soooo HALARIOUS. those two just crack me up.

then this afternoon had bridal potraits with lindsey.
ummm talk about fun.
talk about an AWESOME photographer.
we jammed out to an ipod.
sweated a TON- but its ok. wet dress = no worries.
hiked through lots of bushes.
climbed mountains.
stood on tables. and chairs.
allll while wearing my white wedding dress.
and no. its NOT RUINED!! (:
not even a drop of dirt on it.
thanks to my amazing photographer. an incredible best woman. and an awesome hair s & make up stylist/personal asssistant.
the 4 of us were ROCKIN!

anyway. we had a blast.
now are mom, sara & i are gathered round looking at baby pictures of me. hahaa...
sooo funny.

so tomorrow i leave the real world- and venture to the mountain of pine. (ok pine mt) and am staying in a sweet cabin with my GIRLS!!
no internet. no tv. just us. nature. and im sure LOTS of silly moments.

we will be working on projects, watching girly movies on the laptop, eating a lot, and well drinking a lil, opening some presents of secret stuff, decorating the chapel, doing nails, swimming, and relaxing. i am soooo excited!! its going to be an awesome few days.

then the wedding!! hollllllA!
THEN HONEYMOOON!!! double hoolllla!
hello beach & cruise ship!

so ill im saying is- this could be it blogger world. this could be the last post as miss macminn. next time around ill be MRS SNIDER!

so ta-ta for now blogger world. stay tuned to SARA's BLOG. she will update. but for me. im out. (her blog can be found to the right)

peace & love one last time as a single lady....


Margaret said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Wedding Day! I absolutely cannot wait to see the photos. I'm sure that you will look so beautiful. Enjoy your honeymoon. Many blessings to you both as you start your life together. -Margaret

Teresa said...

SO EXCITED for you Danielle! Enjoy every minute of it! :)