Sunday, July 5, 2009

my 4th.

...was not so "4th-arific"

i worked. and sadly. it was the slowest dullest night in the ER yet.
we have a 30 room ER. at one point... we had 6 patients.
i think i had a total of 5 different pts throughout the 12 hours. normally i probably have 15 or 20. depending. anyway.... nothing fun. or exciting. or crazy.

oh well. back to work today. maybe it will be a little busier. its nice when its busy- not crazy busy- but just busy. when its slow- and its 2:00 in the morning... i get sooooo sleepy!

anyway. work today.
off tomorrow... but off to get my nasty ingrown toe fixed.

hope you all had a fun day yesterday! and saw fireworks. thats my favorite thing... and i missed out. but oh well. always next year!!!

love & peace

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