Friday, July 3, 2009


in no particular order...
pictures from my amazing THREE day adventure.

my super handsome husband to be!
(only a month & a half!)

brother ben choppin wood

two of my very very favorite people. (:
mom. rhino.

gosh. i love HIM so much!

my bum toe wrapped up for rafting!

after rafting the pigeon river
...SO FUN!!!

bro & sis love

we went on a search for ELK... and we found 'em!!
cool barn.

so big. & so close!

and yes. they are in the "wild".
they were released in NC a few years ago...
and have done well! doubled in size.
and are so used to people they come super close!!

on our picnic dinner watchin the elk.

tons of pics.
so fun. it was 3 days PACKED full of fun!
awesome time with awesome people.

HATED leaving...
but someone has to work in the ER on the 4th!!

love & peace.

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