Wednesday, July 15, 2009

1 to go.

1its hard to imagine what will happen in five years.
but in one month- everything that has happened in the past five years of my life comes together for the biggest and best day of my life.

its also hard to imagine that five years has gone by!
its been a hard summer being a part from ryan, but its also been good.
we have spent a lot of time remembering.
funny things. hard times. our best adventures. our crazy times. and even the sad ones.
its been such a great thing to do.

crazy huh. five years.
man oh man.

here is a quick rundown of the last 5.
enjoy. :)

back to the beginning.
tybee island. freshman year.

sophomore year- expeditions with jesse.

jr year. trip to disney!

Senior Year- trip to JAPAN!


moving to durham & experiencing CAMERON!
and then finally getting our FIRST PLACE!!

five years.

one month to go.

a huge, long, exciting, crazy life ahead.

bring it!

love & peace

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JM said...

yay!! so excited for you two!