Tuesday, July 21, 2009

its been quite a while.

i have not blogged in ages it feels like. more like a week. but still. here are the many many reasons why.

friday night: had a very important doctors apt. (the kind that keeps babies away) and then drove home to ga
saturday: had a family lunch (yes all FIVE of us. and ONLY 5! first time in months (maybe years!) and possibly the last time! thanks to little brother ben for bringing that up). anyway at lunch gave my dad paul mccartney tickets. since he is missing the show in atlanta (because of my wedding!) my awesome mom bought him tickets to the show in DC! so mom and dad are off to DC in 2 weeks!! he is supppperrrrr excited.
after that we began the search for mom a dress to wear to the wedding found nothing for her, but bought 2 dresses for me! (one to leave reception in. one for reh dinner) (both for cruise!!)
finished the night off with an awesome trip to my lifelong friends house. amy b. spent many hours there laughing. smiling. being best friends. and she paraded around the house in her bridesmaids dress. it was def fun.
sunday. church (great sermon by pops) followed by lunch at the infamous chef lee's (best chinese food in the world). then continued the hunt for mom a dress. still no luck. then had panera. mmmmm panera. all while being accompanied by my other mom (THE GODMOTHER)...
monday: mom worked. i kept my 11 year old cousin. we ventured all over looking for candlesticks. she is an awesome sport and helped me find some candles and candle holders for the chapel. also looked around at clothes. and other stuff. had a terrible experience at the hobby lobby (sorry paula). but its ok. found great candlehoders there. then dad made an awesome dinner. delicous burgers and his famous beans. mmmmm. the evening was full of laughter with the 11 year old- she spent the night- and tons of family fun.
tuesday: (today): wedding mayhem. first stop camera shop. my camera has not worked for MONTHS. we have not found the reciept or proof of sales- so i can't use my one year warranty... anyway. i take it to a local shop today to get it looked at. walk in. explain my prob. it doesn't read the memory card. i put my camera together- i had it all a part ready to ship back to cannon- get it all togehter and it works. thank goodness it works. (: i feel dumb. but hey its working and i cant get it to not work. so as long as it lasts until after the honeymoon im golden!
after that go to meet my awesome florist- who is paula's mom! we pick out amazing hydrangeas. i LOVE them. after that i head to lagrange to meet with the reception place. we have a tasting. it is amazing. awesome. incredilbe. im PUMPED about my coffee & dessert reception. loads of awesome coffees, tons of amazing desserts, yummy foods and a great atmosphere. its going to be cool.
then went to dress shop. (an affair to remember). dropped it off to get steamed before the wedding. and what do you know. while im changing mom is flipping through a rack of dresses- and she finds THE ONE. haha... she tries it on. fits great. looks great. pretty color. a little sparkle, but not a lot. flowy. lovely. yay!! she buys it and is set! and it looks great!! and we are sooo excited!!! (: yaaayyy!!!
afterwards go see my awesome friends katie & noelle. noelle & i talk about music for the wedding. she is the amazing pianist for the evening. and then katie joins us for just some lovely fun. so relaxing. just talkign with old friends! i LOVE being in lagrange. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! and i LOVEEEEEE even more being with old friends. (: and by old i mean like they are 2 of the first friends i ever had at LG!!

so yeah. it has been a CRAZY BUSY few days! mom & i have gotten LOADS accomplished though! and in 3 weeks ill be home getting ready for the big day!! i can't wait!!! its going to be prettty awesome!! (:

so tomorrow off to lake J to see ryan (possibly the last time before the week of the wedding!) but im soooo excited to hang out. and see hiM!! and be together. and have fun!! (:

anyway. must go to bed.
hope you enjoyed the update of my week!!

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