Friday, July 10, 2009

toe surgery

gosh. i have not posted in so long!
i forgot to update you on the toe surgery!
of course i took pics on the process.
haha... and dont worry. there are not any too gross!!!

and before we begin let me tell you what happened.
simply: i stubbed my toe.
at the retreat i worked THREE WEEKS AGO i stubbed it on a tree root. when the skin grew back in it grew OVER my toenail! lovely. so they had to cut out my toenail and cut off that skin.

(as you can see the red crap OVER the toenail. bloody skin)

the prep before

my toe covered in betadine... NOT blood!! just the cleaning stuff.
this is after it was numbed and the doc left the room to let the numbing set in.

after my procedure

and NOW!! :)
the black stuff is silver nitrate. its put on there to stop the bleeding.
it bleed a lot because it was very vascular- the skin flap and all.
anyway. the black stuff should go away over the weeks...

hopefully in like 1 or 2! i do hav ea wedding in 4!!anyway.
there is the toe.


Love & Peace

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