Tuesday, July 28, 2009

notes from today.

random thoughts, notes, and occurrences from my day today...

...i bought one of those reusable bags today at old navy. the cashier proceeded to put it in another plastic bag. i said "mam. thats a bag. i can just carry it." -oh she replied. ...seriously?!

... i have a wonderful friend here who sat with me and cut out 68 squares of fabric- all for my wedding guest book.

...this same friend also helped me combine all 300 of my wedding lists into one. nice. SMALL. list of things to do. she also suggested i start assigning other people to do them.

...i bought 370 pieces of paper today. all that will be thrown away after the wedding. i feel so wasteful. im contemplating STAMPING the back with "PLEASE RECYCLE ME" and having a "recycling basket" set up at the back door.

...never mind. im not contemplating it anymore. im doing that one.

...i will say those 370 pieces of paper are darn pretty pieces of paper. (:

... i have one awesome mother in law who was read, reread, edited, and now editing more the programs that will go on all 370 pieces of paper

... i love running errands

... i get really angry and fiery when i have not eaten (sorry again rhino)

...garden state is my all time favorite movie. i dont know why. but i love it. truly.

...i bought a bird house today. not sure if its a REAL one... or a fake one you are suppose to keep inside. oh well. its outside. hopefully a bird will find a home.

... i also bought honeymoon clothes today! (all at oldnavy- all for under 10 bucks for each item ::im talking skirts, dresses, & shirts!)

... i planted some seeds today. probably too late for flowers. but i am hoping.

ill call it quits.
i need sleep.

love & peace
an excited bride to be


JM said...

I'm not gonna lie... super jealous that you are getting married! but also super excited for you and ryan. most awesomest couple ever. Also... I get really angry when I haven't eaten. and I love garden state too. love it. hope your wedding is fantastic and great and all those wonderful things!

Sara said...

give me my duties. hahaha

Kristin said...

oh i remember the days of wedding programs--the day before they needed to be printed we stayed up till about 4am editing/reediting, etc. we made 400 of them--bc that was how many people we had coming to the wedding---and who knew that most of the men wouldn't take a program--that they would just read their wives--now we have a box with AT LEAST 150 programs in it and robert wants to throw them away--i can't part with them for some reason--i don't need them--but throwing away programs that got used is one thing---throwing another 150 that I had to print (3 times mind you because the printer kept messing them up!) hole punch and tie bows in, now that seems wasteful! :) okay, i just got on a soapbox about wedding programs, so i should go now! but we are really excited about seeing you guys and sharing in your special day! thank you for including us! :)