Friday, June 25, 2010


so ryan asked me a question last night... and i can't quite figure out the answer.
i took it to work... and yeah. no one there can figure it out either.

why do i (an emergency room nurse) enjoy watching shows about the ER-
such as Trauma Life in the ER on discovery-- it is an all time favorite of mine AND everyone i work with. and there is a new show on ... boston med... its about mass general (the big hospital in boston where the harvard med students do their residencies)... anyway. i watched it last night and loved every minute.

so yes. the question.
why do I enjoy watching ER shows--- when i spend 40 hours a week (sometimes more) in an ER?!?!
i have no idea.
but i do.
and my coworkers do.
we are special creatures i think...
and i suppose its in our blood.

im so excited about this new show: boston med on ABC
thursday nights at 10
its just a good old documentary style filming of life in the hospital
(and of course mostly the ER and OR because thats where the crazy stuff happens)

anyway. its been my thought for the day.
im feeling much MUCH better.
looking forward to a weekend of rest with my hubs

love & peace


Julia said...

I'm so excited about that show too!! I DVR'd it this week and so I'll be watching it this week, I'm not your typical hospital staff person, but love them too!

Jen said...

I heart ER shows as well. I was psyched to watch Boston Med, but was a little disappointed since it ONCE AGAIN was all about the docs and not an ounce about the nurses...sigh.